About Us

about-usAt Quality Body Works Inc, our team members work side by side to provide the best possible service. They make it happen because they’re talented, intelligent, hard-working individuals. We make sure they stay that way by providing for continued education opportunities – it all leads to better results for our customers.

Our team members are experts in the latest technology, with training from: ASE, ICAR (Gold Class Certified), ASA, vendor-related, and management and customer service programs. Most importantly, we take the Golden Rule to heart and strive to live by it.

This translates not only to our relationship with customers, but also our relationships with employees, vendors and insurance companies. At Quality Body Works we believe this is the basis for our lasting success as a company and as individuals.

Who we are ….

For over forty-years, Quality Body Works has treated our customers like family, demonstrating professionalism and compassion in your time of loss and stress.

You can count on Quality Body Works to be a vanguard, ensuring your insurance company holds up to their end with no shortcuts to parts or materials.

What we do ….

  • We use only state of the art and Eco-Friendly materials.
  • The most advanced collision repair equipment.
  • Factory Trained and Certified craftsmen who take pride in what they do.
  • The highest quality of automotive finishes, Akzo-Sikkens with a written warranty that guarantees your satisfaction.

Our Mission ….

To meet our customers needs while meeting and exceeding their expectations by doing a high-quality, long-lasting repair on their vehicle in a reasonable length of time.