You, your insurance and Quality Body Works inc.

Ever read your insurance policy? Don’t worry, most people haven’t; but it’s a good idea.  Insurance companies differ when it comes to coverage; deductibles, windshield coverage, etc. so call your insurance agent and have them go over it with you.

Okay.  So you’ve had an accident.  After you’ve reported it to your insurance company, you either drive or have your car towed somewhere for an estimate.

You only need one estimate. All repair shops use one of two estimating systems, so costs should be almost the same. The only variations may be an amount for unseen damage or the estimator’s opinion of the repair time necessary. (For example, they open up a door panel and notice the lock mechanism is bent and has to be replaced. That same door has a dent which one estimator feels it will take 2 hours to repair, while another estimator might feel it will take 2.5 hours to repair.) Your body shop will work with your insurance company to ensure that your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident condition.

Once the estimate is done, you can take it to your insurance adjuster or we can take care of it for you.  An insurance adjuster may suggest taking your vehicle to one of their approved repair shops, but you don’t have to.  California law affords you the right to decide where your car gets fixed; but your insurance company has the right to set a limit on what the repairs cost.

If your company insists on more than one estimate, ask them to send out their appraiser; especially if the car isn’t drivable.  When it comes to selecting a repair shop, just tell them you’d prefer to take your car to someone you know and trust, not somewhere you don’t know.  We hope you’ll tell them you want to take it to Quality.

The process

  1. The estimate: You don’t need to stick around. We’ll get you home or to work, do the estimate, send it to your insurance company and even talk to them for you. If there are any points of negotiation or discussion, our estimators will take care of it and if necessary, get the appraiser out to see your vehicle. You’ve been through enough – just relax and take it easy.
  2. Doing the repairs: We will call and let everyone know the repair schedule. Then we’ll go about using all our high tech equipment to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.
  3. Guaranteeing the work: Quality Body works backs everything up in writing – paint, parts and workmanship.   You get your car fixed right the first time; safety and peace of mind are yours.